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    Monthly Archives: September 2011

    • Button Garland

      Posted by Leanna Reece in Blog, Upcyling Tutorials and was tagged with upcycle, tutorial, button, garland, button garland, upcycling tutorial

      Another incredibly easy upcycling project is here! Dig out all of those pretty vintage buttons you’ve been storing up for something special, and whip up this surprisingly pretty garland that can be used all year long!
      So easy!



      Twine (or ribbon)
      Vintage buttons

      First determine how long you want your garland to be, and cut off the desired length [...]

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    • Join Hipcycle on Pinterest!

      Posted by Leanna Reece in Blog and was tagged with Pinterest, social media

      Here at Hipcycle, we recently discovered a unique new social media outlet that goes by a fittingly unique name- Pinterest! With this super cool tool, we’re hooking up with upcyclers (and fans of upcycling) around the world, sharing exciting new ideas as well as some tried and true ones.
      No, not THOSE kind of pins!
      In a [...]

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