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    A Bright Future: Bright Endeavors

    Posted on April 11, 2012 by Susan Tucker

    Politics aside, everyone is passionate about something. If you’re like me, you’re probably passionate about many things; things that spark debate at the holiday dinner table or help start a conversation at an after-hours work event. Rarely do these passions converge - at least for me - until now.

    Bright Endeavors is a program that fuels the workforce behind Dreambean, an eco-friendly line of candle and bath products. Each product is hand-made using domestic soy and vegetable waxes, natural botanicals and sea salts, and reclaimed and recycled glass products (from the same source as some of our Hipcycle glassware.) These products have been promotional items and incentive gifts to well-known companies such as Marriott International, State Farm Insurance, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Westin Hotels and Citibank.

    These are home and bath products made from high-quality, domestically produced ingredients, and using reclaimed and recycled – upcycled - glass.

    And, that’s only part of the story. Here’s where it gets good….

    New Moms create Dreambean products. Photo supplied by Bright Endeavors

    The products of Bright Endeavors are created by new moms, aged 17-24; these moms are often homeless, at-risk, and with few marketable skills. The Bright Endeavors program is actually part of a larger scale effort called New Moms, a social enterprise providing food, housing support, education re-enrollment, parenting skills, life skills and career readiness for these women. As part of the life skills and career readiness, participants enter the Bright Endeavors 4-week intensive (which includes childcare!) training program and then move into a 4-month transitional internship.

    This program has helped thousands of new moms get the skills they need to find work and to thrive as new parents!

    My passion list? Environmentally friendly products – check. Supporting the local/domestic economy – check. Giving the underdog skills and opportunities – check. Setting the next generation up for success – check.

    See what I mean?

    Needless to say, we are thrilled to have Bright Endeavors on board as a Product Partner.

    And, about those products…

    Bright Endeavors Beach Glass

    Beach Glass Soy Candles

    In the Candle line, there are currently nine Signature items: soy candles available in a variety of recycled bottles (from to ginger ale to wine and beer bottles) and soy candles as tea candles, in recycled tins or as a pillar. You can choose from 13 different scent options – with more coming soon!

    In the Eco Bath Product line choose from Dead Bath Sea Salts or Bath Tea. And there are several beautifully packaged gift sets from which to choose.

    Here are the Bright Endeavors items that Hipcycle currently carries: Sol Beer Bottle Soy Candle, Beachglass Soy Candle, Black Cherry Soda Bottle Soy Candle, and Ginger Ale Bottle Soy Candle.

    I LOVE these products! They have meaning and give opportunity… and they’re ECO. You can’t get any better than that. Can you?

    But, maybe you can. Here is a testimonial from a Bright Endeavors graduate, Cristiana. (Tip, get your tissues handy!)

    If you’re curious about the Bright Endeavors program go to


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    Susan Tucker | Get Susan Marketing | Goddess of Marketing, HipcycleSusan is Goddess of Marketing at Hipcycle and Get-It-Done Guru of Get Susan Marketing. She spends her weekends chasing after two active boys, sifting through her husband's garage sale finds and attempting to work on upcycling projects of her own.


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