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    Upcycling Bicycles into Bicimaquinas: Now That's Hip

    Posted on October 22, 2012 by Danielle

    In the United States bicycles are used for recreation, a tool to maintain and improve our shape and physical endurance. The days are gone when bicycles were our main source of transportation.

    upcycling bicycles | hipcycle

    Bike Blender!

    Of course, in Guatemala bicycles are still used for transportation; however, bicycles are being transformed into a different object entirely. Maya Pedal specializes in upcycling bicycles into bicimaquinas, a tool used to conserve time, energy, and money. Recently Ray, the Associate Editor of Core77 blogged about the ingenuity of  bicimaquinas in From Cycling to Upcycling : Maya Pedal's "Bicimaquinas."

    Bicimaquinas are "pedal powered machines." Guatemala is a place where electricity is scare, making common jobs for Americans very difficult for Guatemalans. Bicimaquinas removes this burden. Instead of the everyday Guatemalan hand-washing or even hand-pedaling their clothes clean, they just sit and ride their way to clean clothes. The bicimaquina is not only used for clothes washing. Maya Pedal creates several power pedaled machinery including the Corn Thresher, Bicycle Blender...

    In short, Maya Pedal turns scrap bicycle parts into all variety of human-powered unicipal machinery: 'water pumps, grinders, threshers, tile makers, nut shellers, blenders (for making soaps and shampoos as well as food products), trikes, trailers and more.'

    upcycled bikes | hipcycle

    Bike Washing Machine!

    Maya Pedal is an nongovernmental organization located (NGO) in San Andres Itzapa which accepts donations to help them upcycle old bicycles into bicimaquinas, please click here to see their wish list. Even better like their Facebook page to become part of their community. You will see bicycles transforming into bicimaquinas and villagers using their pedal powered machinery.

    It is refreshing to see how something old, bicycles, can be changed into an entirely different product, bicimaquinas. Would you like some of your own upcycled products? At Hipcycle we upcycle bicycles too, just in a much simpler way. We have transmuted the bike into light fixtures (hanging and chandelier), candelabras, photo frames, and business card holders. Click here to learn about and see all of our upcycled bike products.

    Would you want pedal-powered products? Leave your comment below.


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    Danielle DeSoto for Hipcycle
    Danielle is an upcycling, green living, environmentally friendly, recycling, tree-hugging freak of nature... in the most eco way possible of course! She spends her weekends saving the planet and will now be writing about it for the Hipcycle Blog.

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