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    Hipcycle Interview with Matthew Simon of Cajun Moon Design

    Posted on November 2, 2012 by Blogger

    We recently sat down with the Matthew Simon of Cajun Moon Design. Here is what he has to say about his craft. To see a few of Matthew's designs on our site, click here.

    How did you get involved in upcycling?

    I got involved in upcycling in college when I studied environmental science in Louisiana. I then moved to Boulder, Colorado and worked for a recycling company shipping recyclables across the country to market. I loved my job but I always had a yearning to build stuff out of wood. I finally had the opportunity to build my home, and learned a lot of carpentry skills. I often went to a wood recycling center to get rid of my scraps from the house and it always bothered me that there was a mound of perfectly good wood that was chipped up into mulch for the city. One thing lead to another, and I asked them if I could take some wood to build a table for my new home. Then one day, we had some friends over for dinner and they were blown away by the table I made and wanted to know where I purchased it! When I told them that I had made it, they told me I should make more to sell. I took their advice and founded a store to sell my furniture on consignment and the rest is history!

    How did you get involved with Hipcycle?

    I got involved with Hipcycle when a friend of Andrew Sell's saw me at the farmers market in Boulder and told me about this new website his friend was creating and my furniture was exactly what he was looking for! I then contacted Andrew and sent him some pictures and he loved the products and said we would be a great match for Hipcycle!

    How do you create your products?

    Creating my products is quite complicated. Because I only use reclaimed products, I am limited to what I can create. We get most of our reclaimed wood from old houses, factories, and barns. Often times our furniture is limited run products based on the amount of wood and products I get from various locations. For example, when we get old doors and windows, we create furniture around them, not just adding them to a product.

    While most furniture designers put pen to paper and design what they want, we design with what we have on hand!

    What do you think about the Cajun Moon Design products? Share your thoughts below!


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    Evan Hopkins is one of Hipcycle's fantastic interns, and a general writer of fantastic things. When he isn't encouraging green living through his writing, he enjoys going on adventures, swimming, and being awesome.


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