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Thirteen in 13 for Under $13

Posted on December 22, 2012 by Susan Tucker

Now that we've survived the Mayan calendar it's time to get back into the bump and grind of living. Not just living, but living WELL! (And by "well" I mean leaner and greener.)

I decided I would celebrate 2013 by bringing you thirteen must-have Hipcycle items, that are less than $13. Are you ready?

Here goes!


Silverware Napkin Rings for only $9 will fancy up your table quite nice.


8 oz. Coca Cola Spice Jar

This 8 oz. Coca Cola Spice Jar brings a vintage twist to your spices for only $12.50


Tin Ice Bucket

I love the bright colors of this Tin Ice Bucket! Can't wait to break it out for Monday Night Football. Only $8


Circuit Board Coasters

You're going to need somewhere to put your drinks after you take them out of your tin bucket... how 'bout on one of these fun circuit board coasters? Set of six - $11


Bike Chain Bottle Opener Key Chain

Bike Chain Bottle Opener Key Chain. Need I say more? $9.99


Beer Bottle Biz Card Holder

Got a client meeting you need an ice-breaker for? Enter the Beer Bottle Biz Card Holder. Only $7


Upcycled Paper Pencil Cup

An Upcycled Paper Pencil Cup is a fun way to corral wild pens. $8


Circuit Board Clipboard

For the sheek-geek in your life. I love these stylie Circuit Board Clipboard's. $8


Bike Chain Bracelet

I know a few Boulder cycling women who would love this unique (and super-cool!) Bike Chain Bracelet. $11


Bike Chain Earrings

Might as well make it a set! Bike Chain Earrings $11.99


Tire Tube Triangle Case

Coin pouches never looked so funky! Tire Tube Triangle Case $10


Flip Flop Floating Key Chain

Get that beachy feeling all year long with this Flip Flop Floating Key Chain. $6.99


Bottle Blooms

Even I can't kill these Bottle Blooms with my black thumb. LOVE! $10

So, there you have it! A fun little list to help you start out 2013 in style!


Susan Tucker | Get Susan Marketing | Goddess of Marketing, HipcycleSusan is Goddess of Marketing at Hipcycle. She spends her weekends chasing after two active boys, sifting through her husband's garage sale finds and attempting to work on upcycling projects of her own.


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