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    Housewares: our biggest and baddest category of upcycled products...items for all over your home. When you can get products that are this beautiful, functional, and eco-friendy, why go anywhere else? Go on ahead and browse below for home goods (you know you want to), or refine your search using the tools above and to the right.

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    Wrapper Hinged Box
    Woven Tire Door Mat
    Woven Tire Basket
    Wood Pallet Frame - 8x10
    Wood Pallet Frame - 5x7
    Wood Pallet Frame - 4x6
    Wood Pallet Frame - 11x14
    Wood Pallet Boxed Tray
    Wood Block Magnet Frame
    Wire Rimmed CD Clock
    Wine Bottle Soap Dish
    Wine Bottle Ring Ornaments
    Wine Bottle Planter
    Wine Bottle Drinking Glasses
    Wine Bottle Cheese Platter
    Wine Bottle Chain Lantern
    Wine Bottle Carafe Set
    Wine Bottle Candle Chandelier
    Votive Display
    Vinyl Record Starburst Clock
    Vinyl Record Magnet Set
    Vinyl Record Frame- 4x4
    Vinyl Record Frame - 5x5
    Vinyl Record Clock
    Vinyl Record Bowl
    Upcycled Wood Mirror
    Upcycled Tire Pot

    Regular Price: $23.00

    Special Price: $16.00

    Upcycled Stone Salt Cellar
    Upcycled Paper Platter
    Upcycled Metal Sieve

    Regular Price: $6.00

    Special Price: $4.50

    Upcycled Lotion/ Soap Dispenser
    Upcycled Fabric Floor Rug
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    230 Results
    Page 1 of 8
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