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Making Wants Out Of Waste

    Bike Chain Bowl

    Bowl made from recycled bike chains.

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    Product Description

    For most people, an event such as a flat tire while biking to work at a recycling facility will likely result in frustration and unflattering language. In this case, though, one individual saw things from a different light, wondering what happens to all of the excess material from bike shops across the country. Now, bowls are made out of bike chains! While this metal bowl would not be recommended to be used with food, it can function as an interesting conversation piece when filled with other recycled items or fake fruit. Place it next to your front or back door as a catch-all for keys, wallets, and change. Fill it with silver and gold ornaments during the holiday season. This decorative bowl is a thoughtful gift for any serious bicyclist in your life.

    Additional Product Information

    Care: Dust me!
    Dimensions: 10"x10"x2"
    Upcycled Material(s): Bike Parts, Metal
    Country of Origin: USA

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