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    Barn Roof Frame - 8x10

    Rusty 8x10 picture frame from barn roof tin.

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    Product Description

    These wonderful reclaimed metal frames are made from barn roof tin.

    As the agricultural era fades and barns that have served farming families well have been left to the elements, salvagers rescue the material to be repurposed into these unique photo frames. There is a relatively moderate amount of corrosion on the corrugated tin; some are silvery, others are brown, but all make amazing picture frames.

    Part of the unique quality of this product is that it really can be at home in almost any kind of decor- farmhouse, country, antique, modern, industrial, and even shabby chic! As such, they make wonderful gifts for anyone whose house you have not visited. The metal is attached to a wooden frame to securely hold your favorite picture behind the protective glass.

    Additional Product Information

    Care: For indoor use only.
    Dimensions: 14"x16"
    Upcycled Material(s): Metal
    Country of Origin: USA

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