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Insulator Pendant Light

Pendant light made from an upcycled glass insulator.

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Product Description

Colors and Canopy

Please allow 2-3 weeks for deliveryfor non-UL listed pendants. (3-4 weeks for UL listed pendants.)

As seen on HGTV's House Crashers!

Without glass insulators, it is questionable whether the industrial revolution would have been possible. A frequently overlooked part of this crucial period of time, insulators were used with telegraph lines, telephone lines, and electric power lines. Today's telecommunication industry would undoubtedly not be the same if these had never been invented. These were produced by the millions until the 1970s, when modern technology deemed them useless. Now considered collectible items, they are again found useful in this suspended pendant light.

Made from your choice of either a blue, clear, or aqua insulator, each part has been carefully cleaned, polished, drilled, and installed as part of this fantastic light fixture.  

Each light comes ready to hang with:

  • A grounded fixture per NEC standards
  • Mounting hardware, including a 6"metal ceiling canopy & cross bar with two screws and an adjustable cord grip.
  • 120V R14 40W mini spot frosted bulb (also compatible with 25 and 45 watt bulbs.)
  • Cord: 5 feet long, black, round, 3 wire.

Insulators are selected so as to be matched in pairs or sets (per your order) and free of chips or cracks.

As Featured in Treehugger      House Crashers

Additional Product Information

Care: insulator-pendant-light
Dimensions: about 4" diameter by about 5" high
Upcycled Material(s): Glass
Country of Origin: USA

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