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    Rubberwood Floating Shelf

    Floating Shelves made from repurposed Rubberwood.

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    Product Description

    These handsome sleek shelves are made from Rubberwood (Hevea Brasiliensis). How green can you get? Start with harvesting latex from the Rubber tree. Like a Maple, Rubberwood is a sap producing species. The sap it produces is latex, which is used to make rubber. Rubberwood is ecologically friendly because it is not just cultivated just to be chopped down for its wood. It can viably produce latex for as long as 30 years, at which time the planters fell the Rubber trees and plant new ones.

    For many years these depleted tress were simply burned, but in recent years they have been increasingly used to make stuff. These floating shelves were originally intended to be Lazy Susans, but the holes for the turning mechanism were drilled in the wrong place, and an entire batch was headed for the dumpster. They were rescued, and repurposed into these fantastic shelves.

    These are display shelves intended for items weighing 5 lbs maximum. It is best if they are mounted into a solid wall or into the studs behind drywall, but we have also had success hanging these shelves with heavy-duty drywall anchors. They are shipped with mounting holes spaced 16" apart to match stud spacing in just about every home. Mounting screws are NOT included with the shelves, but can be found at most hardware stores. Since the installation is done from underneath, there is no visible mounting hardware.

    Additional Product Information

    Care: Dust 'em!
    Dimensions: 23.5 x 5.125x 0.785
    Upcycled Material(s): Wood
    Country of Origin: USA

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