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School & Office

School & Office

Bring some vibrancy to your cubicle or corner office with upcycled products for the workplace.

Off to school? Here's some pizzazz for your school room desk. And now you know where all those juice pouches have gone...yay!

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Hipcycle Gift Certificates
Mail Bag Coin Pouch
Square Clock with Taper Pin
FunkyJunk Zippered Pouch
Circuit Board Biz Card Case
Bike & Rubber Desk Clock
Motherboard Cube Clock
Motherboard Certificate Frame
Motherboard CD Storage Book
Motherboard Magnets
ReFleece Kindle 3 Case
ReFleece Kindle 4 Case
ReFleece iPad Sleeve
Sailcloth Back Pack
House Shaped Letter Holder
Circuit Board Clipboard
Motherboard and CD Clock
Drink Pouch Lunch Box

Regular Price: $18.99

Special Price: $13.99

Drink Pouch Pencil Case

Regular Price: $4.99

Special Price: $3.99

Bike Rim Biz Card Holder
Reclaimed Wood Letter Holder
Reclaimed Wood Pen Holder
Reclaimed Wood Triple Letter
Small Metal Clipboard

Regular Price: $14.00

Special Price: $12.00

Beer Bottle Biz Card Holder
Chopstick Pen Cup

Regular Price: $10.00

Special Price: $6.00

Striped Pen/Tooth Brush Holder
Upcycled Paper Pencil Cup
Upcycled Cork Pinboard
Electronic Wires Pen
Upcycled Vinyl Coin Purse
Skittles MP3 Speakers

Regular Price: $19.99

Special Price: $16.99

Sort by:  Position | Name | Price |
36 Results
Page 1 of 2

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