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Vinyl Record Clock

Clock made from an old vinyl record.

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Product Description

Made from 12" vinyl records, this clock is made from a vintage record. Replace your old, boring wall clocks with something interesting that reflects your personality. A much-appreciated gift for record collectors or any music fan, the numbers have been laser cut into the old record. A glossy white backing ensures easy readability, and looks especially sharp paired with the white aluminium hands.

Choose from 4 genres: Rock, Soul, Jazz, and the 80s! We can't honor specific requests for artists, but you'll definitely get something cool. Recent selections have included Mingus and Brubeck for jazz, the Queen of Soul: Ms. Aretha Franklin for soul, CSNY and the Beatles for rock, and Stevie Nicks and Hall & Oates for 80s. You can't go wrong.

Too big for your space? Consider our smaller 45 RPM Record Clock!

Requires one AA battery, not included. Arrives ready for wall mounting.

Additional Product Information

Care: Dust it, Baby!
Dimensions: 12"x12"x1"
Upcycled Material(s): Rubber, Vinyl, Etc, Vinyl Records
Country of Origin: USA

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