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    Wine Bottle Chain Lantern

    Hanging tealight lantern made from an upcycled wine bottle.

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    Product Description

    Rim ComparisonThis lovely wine bottle lantern is the perfect decorative touch for a romantic dinner under the stars, casual barbeque, or as a nice permanent addition to your outdoor room. Consider purchasing a few of these hanging lantern lamps to mount over your dining room table in lieu of an expensive chandelier. Hung over the bathtub, these candle lanterns will make your bathroom feel like a spa at the end of a long day.

    Each recycled bottle lantern is carefully cut, ground, and beveled both inside and outside to ensure a sleek, consistent finish. Each of these hanging lantern lamps is designed to hold a tealight candle inside the suspended glass votive holder. This recycled wine bottle lantern comes attached to a black chain.

    This is a simpler lantern model than our Wine Bottle Wire Lantern. The cut is cold-worked, and does not have the wire decorating the neck. Still, this is one of our best sellers, and for good reason.

    Additional Product Information

    Care: Bottle is hand washable
    Dimensions: Approx. 3"x3"x11.5"
    Upcycled Material(s): Glass
    Country of Origin: USA

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