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  1. The Made and Found Market: Bringing Fun Back to the Woods

          Under the shady branches of the Rancocas Woods, off of Rte. 295 in Mt. Laurel, NJ, an eclectic mix of artisans and vendors gather to display their wares in the hopes of resurrecting  a decades-old market that, once thriving, has faded away over recent years. The area's flea and antiques market was...
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  2. Recycled Runway

    Guest blogger, artist and face painter extraordinaire, Jennifer Sekella, shares her experience as a designer for Recycled Runway, a fashion show featuring upcycled and repurposed designs held in the heart of New York's Finger Lakes region. Talk about intriguing: come up with a design or designs, male and/or female, focused on an idea or theme, and the supplies MUST...
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  3. Green Riders - Good Deeds on Bikes

    Our guest blogger, Mitchell Kyd, shares her encounter with an army of cyclists who bring their mission of sustainability on the road:  Storytellers know that on the very best days, a story that needs to be told will simply reveal itself. I had that good fortune Sunday, June 4, 2017, when I passed a string of cyclists on their way...
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  4. That Time We Built a House in Guatemala and Learned What it is to Be Grateful for What You Have

    Judy Baker, a dear friend of Hipcycle, heads an organization called From Houses to Homes. FHTH provides housing, healthcare and education for impoverished families in Guatemala. This is from their website:   "Guatemala is rich in nature and spirit, but among the poorest in living standards. A majority of people living there are victims of civil war, hunger, prejudice, poverty...
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  5. Create Your Own Upcycled Succulent Garden!

    Succulents are huge right now. Maybe it's because everyone's busy and succulents are basically the lowest maintenance plants you can care for aside from the plastic ones you stick in a fishbowl. Perhaps it's because you really have to go out of your way to kill them, and who's got the time to go out of his or her way...
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  6. The Dirt on Safe Spring Cleaning

    It's that time again: time for the yearly ritual of packing away the sweaters and coats, opening the windows to let in the fresh warming air, and literally shaking out the dust of a winter spent indoors. It's time to spring clean. Dread it or not, now is a great time to tidy up, freshen up, and get your home...
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  7. The Mother Of All Rummage Sales

    Happy May, fellow upcyclers and all-around earth lovers! Here at Hipcycle, we are blissfully welcoming full-fledged spring weather complete with warm temperatures, sunshine, flowers in bloom, and... rummage sales! In fact, Renee, our Chief Hipcycler, has been busy like a bee these past few weeks volunteering to help prep the biannual Visiting Nurse Association of Somerset Hills Rummage Sale. The...
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  8. An Interview with Theresa from Unite Two Design

    An Interview with Theresa from Unite Two Design
    By Evan Hopkins Recently, I had the pleasure of talking with Theresa Daddona-Traub about her company Unite Two Design and their fantastic farm-centric upcycled products, which they have dubbed “Farmpunk.” How did you get into upcycling? Keith and I are both from the Lehigh Valley, and in Bethlehem, PA, there is a store called Home &...
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  9. Tokyo reusing old materials in new ways

    Tokyo reusing old materials in new ways
    Fujitsu Limited of Tokyo is now reusing old materials in new ways. Fujitsu employs five recycling centers and collects, breaks down, and sorts PCs and other computer related products. You would think that recovered plastic from personal computers would be easily reused, however the properties of different plastics don't always jive. The solution, use more uniform plastics from their recycling...
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  10. An Upcycled Decor with Pallets

    An Upcycled Decor with Pallets
    [caption id="attachment_16713" align="alignleft" width="233" caption="A Pallet Swing is just one way to upcycle old pallets."][/caption] I recently took a trip to a friend's house. Before I had arrived he mentioned something about "getting in touch with his creative side." He had just moved in and started settling in to the new townhouse and was still in the need of living...
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