On February of 2006, I gave birth to a superhero.

My Son the Superhero or Upcycling Can Save the WorldFrom the moment my little hero was born he has been strategically planning his secret identity for the world of crime fighting. Often, out of nowhere, he prompts conversations about the special gear he needs in order to be faster, have x-ray vision, or fly. (Mostly just to be faster.)

"Mom, do you think I could make a power blaster that would shoot me from our house to my school?"

"Son, now you know you're too young to travel by fire."

"How about a CLOUD blaster, would that work?"

"Hmm... it could, I guess."

"Could you buy me one on the Internet?"


Clearly, I never found one on the Internet. But, that hasn't stopped the Boy from being on constant search for supplies that would arm him for saving the world. So, it was no surprise last week when I found him digging through the recycling bin.

"Son, what are you doing?"

"I'm making a power blaster, mom!"
My Son the Superhero or Upcycling Can Save the World

Just then, it hit me that upcycling CAN, in fact, save the world!