If you’ve already been successful at making the magazine coasters, making a trash can is like the coasters on steroids. This takes a LOT of time to make (I stopped keeping track after ten hours), but who else do you know that has a trash can made out of... trash? Upcycle those magazines while you’re watching your favorite television show, and eventually you’ll be able to show off this nifty piece of handiwork.

Magazine Trash Can



  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Small painting sponge


  • Magazines (I used at least 5 before I stopped counting.)
  • Clear tape
  • Quick dry craft glue
  • Sealant (I used Mod Podge.)

Note: I strongly recommend making at least a few magazine coasters before attempting this tutorial!

  1. Prepare your magazine strips as directed in the coaster tutorial.
  2. Begin wrapping your strips around as with the coasters, stopping every few seconds to pull the strips to ensure a very tight roll.
  3. Every minute or so, set the roll down on a flat surface and use the palm of your hand to make the roll as tight as possible. If you skip this step, the roll will come apart on you while you’re working with it and you’ll have to re-do your work. (Yes, this is experience talking!)
  4. Continue until the roll is the desired size of the bottom of your wastebasket.
  5. Mod Podge the roll to ensure it does not come apart.
  6. Make lots and lots of little rolls from your magazine rolls. I started with rolls of 2 strips, and eventually made rolls with anywhere from 1 to 5 strips to fit together.
  7. Using the 2- strip rolls, glue them around the side of the bottom of the trashcan.
  8. Once dry, add another roll on top, using a small amount of glue in every spot rolls are touching.  Eventually my rows became uneven, so I just started fitting rolls together however they fit.
  9. If your “wall” starts to curve out too much, just use more rolls on top to curve it back in gradually.
    Magazine trash can- side view


  10. Feel free to skip the handles, but if you want to make them like mine, start by placing rolls of two strips about 6 ½” apart. These will be the base areas for your handles.
  11. Glue 1 and 2 strip rolls on top in a curve, holding them in place until set.
  12. As you go, wrap your hand lightly around the handles-in-progress to ensure they are a good size for use.
  13. Use Mod Podge on the entire wastebasket. First I applied a light coat to each every roll, inside and out. Two days later I put a general coat all over it, later adding more to reinforce the handles.

Though the trash can is sealed, refrain from putting garbage or anything wet in it. It’s great for a bedroom wastebasket, but would also be appropriately used to store- you guessed it- magazines!

Since every one of these is unique, I would love to see your finished magazine trash can, so please feel free to comment!