Saying that we have a big problem on our hands is the understatement of the decade. As global warming begins to become a reality affecting more individuals every day, people everywhere are wondering what in the world we can do to stop, if not reverse, the damage the human race has done to the planet. Pondering the big picture is easily overwhelming and has caused some people to simply give up on what they see as a desperate situation.

While it would certainly be easier to try and go back to ignorant bliss, ignoring a known problem is just as bad as actively working against it. So get up off your chemically-laden sofa and get going by starting with these 10 simple, easy ways to green your life- without shelling out a lot of green.

Water Bottle


  1. Forgo the bottled water. Purchase a water filter and some aluminum water bottles, and keep them handy in the fridge.
  2. Recycle your electronics. Contact your county recycling agency if you are unsure where to recycle a device.
  3. Consider your cleaning products. Either buy green products or make your own for pennies on the dollar. Vinegar or baking soda may be used to clean almost anything, and 10 gallons of homemade laundry detergent can literally be made for less than $5 total. Use vinegar instead of fabric softener and you’ll save even more!
  4. Combine your errands. Save both time and money with a bit of planning ahead!
  5. Eat one vegetarian meal per week. Not only is this healthier, but eating lower on the food chain results in a significantly lesser environmental impact.
  6. Set your thermostat just one degree higher in the summer and one degree lower in the winter.
    Using Cold water?


  7. Wash clothes in cold water. Unless your clothes are filthy and stinky, or you are washing linens, cold water does the job just as well.
  8. Put a sticky note on your printer that says “Think!,” and do it. Do you really need to print out that blog post? (Including this one!)
  9. Before you toss something in the trash, think about whether it can be used as something else, or by someone else. Upcycle it if you can, or donate it to charity.
  10.  When looking for new products, buy upcycled. Hipcycle’s upcycled products, for example, are made from items that would otherwise find their way to a landfill, yet are still cool and useful. By purchasing upcycled items instead of mass-manufactured products, you are doing your part to not only help the environment, but also helping to support an individual or small company that embraces eco-consciousness as well.