We all have extra paper around, whether it's old sheet music, outdated maps, books that are falling apart, or even newspapers. Why throw it away when you can use it to make feathers? (Yes, feathers!) One of the niftiest aspects of this upcyling project is that the feathers may be bent to your liking once you're finished. Fill a glass container with a bunch of them, add one to a gift for a special touch, or hang them in a window- just don't get them wet!




  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Quick-dry tacky glue


  • Desired paper
  • Cloth coated wire
  1. Sketch a feather shape on a piece of scrap paper, or print out a template. (You can find plenty of free feather-shaped templates online.)
  2. Trace around the template twice on your selected paper.
  3. Cut out.
  4. Trim the wire to the desired length.
  5. With one feather shape on a flat surface, place a thin line of glue in the center of the shape.
  6. Place wire on top of the glue, and the other feather shape on top.
  7. Press together well, and let dry.
  8. Snip tiny lines into each side of the feather, taking care not to cut into the wire in the center.
  9. Admire!