Literally. From Hipcycle HQ, one pounds relentlessly a few miles to the east, and the other stinks it up a few miles to the west.



I see inspiration every day in the work that Hipcycle does. Our planet is fragile, and we need to do our part to help. I’m a “beach person,” and I live and work just a few miles from the Atlantic on the Jersey Shore. It’s awesome to be able to take a walk on the beach year round whenever you want! I also am just a few miles (in the other direction) from the dump. Known officially and perhaps euphemistically as the Monmouth County Reclamation Center. When the right combination of factors come together – wind, humidity, and who knows what else – I can smell it from my front door. Yup, it’s gross.

So, on this Presidents’ Day Holiday, think about how you can help. No, there’s no connection between this particular holiday and the environment that I’m aware of, but maybe we can make one! Perhaps this holiday can be considered a celebration of leadership, and that's exactly what our environment needs. Anyway, I ask you to think about your surroundings, be inspired by what is beautiful, and sparked to action by what may be less than beautiful.


For example, two great ways to get involved on the Jersey show are to donate to and/or  do work with two great groups that work to keep our Ocean front and center:

Clean Ocean Action, which has the goal of improving water quality off the New Jersey and New York Coast, sponsors regular beach sweeps and does all kinds of other great stuff.


Also, our healthy and active chapter of the Surfrider Foundation, does excellent work to raise awareness and make a difference.

Check out what resources are  near you to help make your environment better, and get involved!



Andrew Sell is Chief Hipcycler at Hipcycle, which sells attractive, durable and reasonably-priced upcycled products. When not thinking about reusing stuff and waste diversion, he swims in the ocean with his kids.