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I live in Colorado and we've had quite the winter. Mild in the beginning, then pummeled with snow and wind in February. Yet not enough snow to ski. I've basically been holed up in my house with two stinky dogs and two rambunctious young boys for the past several months.

Needless to say, I am over it.

Things started to change about a week or so ago (coincidentally around the time change.) The sun was shining brighter, the wind died down, the skies were blue again. I started noticing patches of daffodils, crocuses and tulips pushing their way through dirt and leaves. Little buds of happiness, making their way up to the sky as if to say, "Yes! I'm here!"

And, I thought, YES! I am here, too! I love spring!

The change of season gets me antsy for a change in my home. I like to clear out the winter cobwebs and dust by opening the windows, scrubbing everything down and clearing out the closets. Out with the old. In with the new!

This year, the "new" will actually be "old." I'm nurturing my eco-soul with upcycled, reclaimed, vintage and recycled. First stop, Hipcycle.

Here are just a few of my top Hipcycle picks for spring and summer. (Did you know there is a WishList feature? My birthday is in June, by the way <smile>)


Potting Bench with Roof

The potting  bench is designed for the homeowner who lives in an apartment, condo or townhouse and still wants to enjoy collecting and conserving water for their deck or patio plantings. It's also perfect for the backyard gardener!

With a center mounted dirt tray the work surface is designed for either a right or left handed homeowner. Equipped with a spacious bottom shelf. Made with reclaimed lumber of Western Red Cedar or White Cedar from fencing.


Bottle Blooms

These pretty blossoms prove that upcycled can easily be pretty! Each one of these lovelies is made from a glass bottle that has been cut and scored like petals, melted in a kiln, then fitted with a cork and an old coat hanger so that it may be placed in the ground.

While these are designed with your garden in mind, they also look great in a vase. Add some heavy filler in the bottom such as marbles or pebbles and enjoy your new hobby "flower arranging!"

Bali Rug


Made of premium quality recycled polypropylene, better known as the number 5 plastic you toss in the recycling bins, these rugs are simply amazing. Tightly woven, they are strong enough to be used indoors or outdoors, yet are surprisingly soft- not to mention beautiful!

Light enough to tote along on family picnics or camping trips, they are also so durable that they may be cleaned with a garden hose and soap (seriously!). Resistant to mildew, each one of these rugs is reversible, so by one simple flip, you can have the look of a new rug in your room- without the price tag! If you happen to be worried about sun spots, fear not- the colors are UV stabilized to prevent fading due to sun exposure.

For more of my upcycled WishList, click here!

What are YOUR top picks? Please share below!

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Susan Tucker | Get Susan Marketing | Goddess of Marketing, HipcycleSusan is Goddess of Marketing at Hipcycle and Get-It-Done Guru of Get Susan Marketing. She spends her weekends chasing after two active boys, sifting through her husband's garage sale finds and attempting to work on upcycling projects of her own.