As an individual that has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia for over 16 years, I am constantly looking  for ways to decrease pain. Naturally, when I heard about these upcycled cherry pit packs, I was first on the bandwagon to try them out. Using an electric heating pad most of the day (and night), they have a tendency to burn out on me, and while rice packs are great, I'm allergic to rice and they just don't stay warm long enough for me. One can only take so many jet baths, and pain medication is often simply not an option.


Since I have a background in research, I set up a little anecdotal experiment to try my bodice compress out. Turning the heating pad on, I warmed up the cherry pack in the microwave for about 1 and a half minutes. Plopping on the couch, I placed the pack on one leg, and the heating pad on the other.

Quite frankly I was rather confused when I started feeling the heat from the cherry pack radiate into my muscles, just like the best type of heat- moist heat. But here's the kicker- the pack was completely dry to the touch! Warm, but dry! Since it's the intellectual thing to do, I stared at it for a few minutes, but I'm still flabbergasted. How can cherry pits provide the same level of deep heat as moist heat?

While the answers are eluding me, I am thrilled with these packs. Though I can be easily excited, I can count on my fingers the number of products I've ever been THIS excited about. As I write this post, I have the eye pack on the top of my head and the neck hugger around my neck, and it feels good.

Granted, this is no cure for pain. But if you suffer from any kind of pain disorder, I strongly urge you to try one of these out. If you're relatively healthy, it never hurts to have these around for the occasional virus, sprain, bug bite, hot day, cold day, relaxing bubble bath.... and the list goes on. (Plus, they're latex-free!)

As with all their products, Hipcycle guarantees your happiness. While I don't do this for free, it is my personal opinion that these packs are the greatest thing since memory foam mattresses! (And I love my mattress!)


Leanna is Hipcycle Scholar at Hipcycle. In her spare time, she enjoys finding new uses for her garage sale finds, particularly anything to do with the written word. She would love to hear from you at [email protected]!