hipcycle blog imageImagine you have four children, and you do not have income on a regular basis. How would you feed and clothe your family? Where would you live? Poverty and low income is a dilemma across the world. R Kamala was one of the affected. It was her four children who were suffering. She had seasonal employment in a wedding hall, but that was not enough to sustain her and her family. A friend encouraged her to finds means to sustain herself . This brought her to the Centre for Social Action at Christ University in Bangalore. There upcycling became her main source of income.

Deepthi MR explained in a recent Daily News and Analysis article that R Kamala and twenty other women began making bags, change bags, files, and mobile phone holders. The women upcycled cartons of juice, milk, and cement bags. This activity formed a brand called Anu and the women became owners. Anu is also part of an organization called 3D Empowerment. The bags Anu creates are pictured here. The women sell their wares to non-nationals and at art and craft bazaars.

R Kamala is thankful that the Centre for Social Action provided a program that taught her a skill. Now she is able to support her family, and while learning her trade she was also learned how to speak English. However, there are many many others in her country and city suffering in poverty. To help eradicate this problem you can support their cause by purchasing their wares, contact [email protected] Another option is supporting the agency itself for more information click here.

At Hipcycle we understand the importance of creating a sustainable lifestyle for women and their families. Some of own own upcycled products, such as Funky Junk Recycled helps to create a sustainable lifestlye for women in Cambodia. These upcycyled laundry hampers, totes, cushions and other Funky Junk Recycled products are made from recycled plastic bags that littered Cambodia.


Danielle DeSoto for HipcycleDanielle is an upcycling, green living, environmentally friendly, recycling, tree-hugging freak of nature... in the most eco way possible of course! She spends her weekends saving the planet and will now be writing about it for the Hipcycle Blog.