Your home is one of the best expressions of yourself. Not only can it reflect your style, but also the beliefs and values that drive you. By reusing old materials in new ways you can create a space that is not only eco-responsible, but is also uniquely you. Through upcycling, you can reduce waste and care for our planet in style.

The ways that you can use upcycled materials in your home are limited only by your imagination. Here are a few ideas to get you started:


Reclaimed Wood

From a pile of old lumber rises a dining table or a bench. Or is it a headboard? Or a frame for a mirror? Or a new floor? The character and quality of reclaimed wood is often far superior to that found in new, expensive items. In fact, much "wood" furniture today is hardly made of wood at all. All that is required in the use of reclaimed wood is a is some elbow greese and the addition of your own creative genius. Sand it, stain it and make it yours. Reshape it into a one-of-a-kind piece for your home that you can be proud of for years to come.

Old Doors and Windows

Yard art, anyone? Old doors and windows are a fast and funky way to decorate an outdoor space. Windows can be turned into planters and small greenhouses, or hung on a wall behind a planter. Doors can be used as art pieces against a fence. Or you can bring the upcycling possibilities of these items inside by creating a picture collage with a paned window as a base, or making a coffee table out of an old door. A window can be paired with some scrap wood to create a clever cabinet. Old doors and windows are being discarded as they are replaced by newer, more energy efficient models. But they can still serve a purpose in beautifying many areas of your home.

Stretch Your Imagination with Bits and Parts

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to upcycling and home accessories. As you look at discarded items, turn them sideways and upside down. What do they become? Could that old dish rack be spray painted your favorite bright color and become a file holder or mail sorter? We have seen vintage suitcases stacked up to form a night stand, vintage thermoses turned into flower vases, and colanders used as planters.

When you open up your mind to the many opportunities to reuse old materials in new ways, you find a way to express yourself with purpose. Enjoy!


Danielle DeSoto for HipcycleDanielle is an upcycling, green living, environmentally friendly, recycling, tree-hugging freak of nature... in the most eco way possible of course! She spends her weekends saving the planet and will now be writing about it for the Hipcycle Blog.