I recently took a trip to a friend's house. Before I had arrived he mentioned something about "getting in touch with his creative side." He had just moved in and started settling in to the new townhouse and was still in the need of living room furniture. When I entered his living room I found out what he had been talking about. In the middle of the room there was a stack of pallets and collection of tools and he was busy building a perfectly functional coffee table. Essentially, this meant securing the pallets on top of each other, filling in the spaces between the bars with extra wooden planks, and providing a smooth enough finish to the surface. The advantage of building upcycled furniture out of pallets is that most of the basic frame of almost any piece of furniture is already built for you. You simply need the patience, wood working tools, and basic carpentry skills. Furthermore, not only are pallets an economical and effective way to make furniture, they add a rustic, worn, and earthy appeal to a decor.

It turns out that this idea is actually one of many clever applications of pallets, a type of resource that can be acquired very cheaply and very often found abandoned in alleys. Due to their racked rectangular structure they ideal as shelves, cabinets, benches, chairs, couches, beds, dividers, and much more. Since each contains a decent amount of raw wooden bars, they can be used as material for more complicated carpentry projects. For instance, due to the fairly high cost of fine art frames and professional framing services it may be a worthwhile investment to cut the bars of pallets and assemble a custom frame.

Before the end of the night my friend related to me his entire plan for his pallet-based decor - and it was quite extensive and imaginative.

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