Classic FunkyJunk Hat

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Wear a bag on your head- a plastic bag hat, that is! This classic hat is crocheted from upcycled plastic bags to give you a stylish reprieve from the sun.

The Classic Funky Junk Hat. Traditional in design, yet unlike anything else you have ever seen. This cowboy-style sunhat looks great on both men and women. The heavyweight knit means it can be bent into shape, and yet provides ventilation to keep you from getting too hot. 

Great factoids about FunkyJunk Recycled products:

  • Made from reclaimed plastic bags, so they are incredibly durable.
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Each pound of product clears about 90 bags from the environment!
  • Can be washed with soap or washing detergent and cold water, even in the cold cycle of the washing machine. Hot water or scrubbing with a brush can damage the products.
  • FunkyJunk Recycled products are easy to store. They can be pressed flat and simply bent back into shape again.
  • Made from bags that are all their "natural" color. They are not dyed. Rather, they are carefully sorted and color matched to create these amazing color schemes.

Read the amazing Funky Junk Recycled story here.

One size fits all.

Available in the following colors:

More Information
Care: Wash with soap and cold water, or cold water washing machine cycle. Do not use hot water or scrub with a brush.
Dimensions: One size fits all.
Upcycled Material(s): Plastic
Country of Origin: Cambodia
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