DPW Platter

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Amazing platter hand crafted from upcycled road signs.


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These extra-large platters are fantastically eye-catching mounted on the wall, or holding bread for the dinner party.

From designer Boris Bally, the DPW Platter is hand-fabricated, lathe spun, and riveted. The result is a piece with a beautiful Pop aesthetic, and that tells story of its prior life through it's scuffs and scratches.

The aluminum traffic signs used to make these platters are acquired from a variety of scrap dealers and Departments of Public Works that need to discard their bent, damaged, and obsolete signs. The signs are then washed to remove the gook from it's previous life, then coated to preserve its weathered finish. 

They include a hanging bracket so that they may be mounted as decorative wall sculptures. With a quick twist of a screwdriver, a bowl may be used as a table centerpiece to hold chips, or whatever you can think of. 

Each piece is one-of-a-kind. Select your preferred color when you order, and we'll e-mail you snapshots of several choices in your preferred color scheme, ensuring you get exactly the platter your heart desires.

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Care: Easily cleaned, and designed to withstand everyday abuse.
Dimensions: 24" diameter
Upcycled Material(s): Metal
Country of Origin: USA
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