Firehose iPad Sleeve

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Ruggedly elegant iPad sleeve upcycled from used fire hose.

One moment thousands of gallons of water are flowing through you, then suddenly you have to take care of someone’s iPad. It must be weird, being a firehose.

Made from used firehose, this little item is intrinsically super durable, and totally unique. High quality construction and water resistant, this sleeve will snugly hold and protect your iPad, and the soft cloth lining inside will keep it from getting scratched.

Due to the markings on the hose and the hard life it has lived, no two sleeves will look the same. Most are constructed of two pieces of hose sewn on three sides with the sleeve opening on top, but some are made of one big piece that has been folded in half and sewn on two sides, with the opening on top. Usually these extra-large hoses were originally used to fight forest fires. How cool is that? 

Three color choices:

  • yellow with an aqua lining
  • white with a black lining
  • red with a red lining
More Information
Care: They're pretty tough. Just wipe off what you spill on it.
Dimensions: Holds an iPad (duh!) Exterior is 9" x 10 3/4"
Upcycled Material(s): Fire Hose
Country of Origin: Estonia
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