Good Things to Know About Hipcycle Products

Girl Recycling Newspapers

  • The materials used to make the products featured on Hipcycle are not purchased from stores or manufacturers. Rather, everything is made from items that would otherwise have ended up in a trash heap. Some dedicated Product Partners actually scour their local dump for items to upcycle, removing garbage from the waste stream!
  • When you purchase a product from Hipcycle, you’re doing two important things: Supporting a small business and helping the environment. Our Product Partners are mostly small businesses that specialize in making upcycled products out of reclaimed items.
  • We recognize that waste is a global problem and our products reflect this philosophy. In addition to products made in the USA, we carry products made all over the world. We support any enterprise that removes waste from the environment while paying workers fairly to do it.
  • Since every product is upcycled, no piece is identical to another. While two of the same product will indeed be similar, they will never be identical, giving each item an one-of-a-kind flair. Keep this in mind when ordering from us.
  • Your satisfaction is always guaranteed. We want everyone to be happy with their upcycled purchases.
  • Orders usually leave our warehouse within one business day of your order, unless we indicate otherwise on the product information page. We want you to receive your products as quickly as possible. Some items, like furniture, are made to order and take longer to ship.
  • We're happy to answer any questions about our products. Just ask by emailing to us at [email protected]

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