ReBeer Drinking Glass

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Enjoy beer? Enjoy it up to 50% more in these nose-friendly upcycled tumblers made from former beer bottles!


Did you know that the mouth of a beer can or the neck of a beer bottle keeps you from being able to breathe in the scent of the beer before you drink it? And that, according to science, smell is half of your sense of taste?

Now that you know those two things, you also know that drinking from a pop-top or a longneck bottle means you're not even tasting half of your favorite beer. Go ahead and cry about it for a minute - we know it's depressing. Done? Good.

Now cheer up, because all you need to do is start drinking from these artech Tumblers made from upcycled beer bottles. Environmentally friendly, amazingly nose-friendly, and wonderfully beer-friendly, these tumblers are sure to make beer drinking even. more. fun. (We know! We couldn't believe it either!)

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Care: Hand wash
Dimensions: 7" x 2.5"
Upcycled Material(s): Glass
Country of Origin: Canada
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