Scrabble Coasters

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For Scrabble nerds, BEER is 6 points. WINE is 7 points. Putting either one onto one of these upcycled coasters makes it a Triple Nerd Score! And everyone loves nerds!

Using a coaster is classy, like Helen Mirren. Scrabble is brainy, like Ellen Page. Put Ellen Page & Helen Mirren together and what do you get? ... Who knows.

But put coasters & scrabble together, mix with an upcycled beer bottle, and you've got yourself these fun B-E-E-R and W-I-N-E coasters from the folks at artech. (They also hold other beverages, if you're into that sort of thing.)

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Care: Hand wash
Dimensions: 4" x 4"
Upcycled Material(s): Glass
Country of Origin: Canada
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