Suggest a Product for Hipcycle


If you make upcycled products that are attractive, stylish, durable, and price-competitive with comparable mainstream goods, we want to hear from you.

Most upcycled products are primarily marketed to consumers who already understand the importance of being environmentally responsible, and that, quite frankly, is a pretty small niche. The reason a broader audience is not targeted is because owning an upcycled product often involves compromise: either because the product is significantly more expensive than its traditional counterparts, or because it is perceived to be inferior in aesthetics, functionality, or durability to its traditional product counterpart. Hipcycle addresses this challenge by offering products that are comparable in desirability and price to traditional products, but which also have the added benefit of being environmentally friendly.

We want to hear from Product Partners that make goods in our featured categories.

We expect that, since your product is upcycled, there will be slight variations, but we also expect reasonably similar colors and sizes from items of the same type. Also, we are not looking for items that are “one-of-a-kinds.”

Interested? Contact us at products{AT}hipcycle{DOT}com, and provide us the following:

  • Business Name      
  • Brief description of your products
  • Mailing Address                 
  • Street Address                                  
  • Website
  • Product photos, if not on your website  
  • Point of Contact Name                             
  • Email 
  • Phone                       
  • Payment terms
  • Recommended retail pricing
  • Your wholesale price to Hipcycle
  • Typical lead time to fulfill orders
  • Do you drop ship?
  • Can we use your web-quality product images? 
  • Anything else you think we should know

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